All of a person's actions and states are caused by and rooted in the person's organism that, according to Candace B. Pert, is a Life-Light System (LLS).

The organism is very complex and comprises 7 attractors, 4 of which form the metasystems and 3 the subsystems:


From this point of view, we can state that the organism's current condition and its fundamental code to a very great extent decide how we act within the world and which conditions affect our actions (or vice versa).

In the Noeterics context, the basic code is more important and also more influential than the organism's current condition. There is a distinct hierarchy:


Fulfilness deals with the following question:

What is the organism's ideal code
to attain three effects in a stable way?

The issue, in other words, is to program the organism with a triple improvement ... to be more precise: to reprogram the organism's fundamental code to "Better".

This is a great challenge since the programming of attractors is involved, which is widely known to be more difficult than the programming of factors. In order to reach this goal, we must take into account that programming is to last, that the result is to be a permanent code.

What code can program the triple improvement mentioned above ... deep down into the organism?
The answer:

It is the code of

This code combines healing and self-optimization. It is based on the primeval code of evolution and can be used by every person at any time.

This code is integrated in the light of life. So the objective is to let this light enter the organism. The suitable channel is the mental body. This is the spirit of the body.

Excess energy emerges when the light of life enters the mental body. It is this excess energy that lets us use the code of Improvement.

Accordingly, the strategy of Fulfilness can be defined as follows:

  1. Activate your mental body ... make it the channel for the light of life.

  2. Refine your mental body so it can store the excess energy that enters it.

  3. Then make sure this excess energy can spread throughout your entire organism (i.e. mind / soul / body / IS / NS / ES) because this distribution helps the code of Improvement to be programmed into all parts of your organism.

FULFILNESS COACHING was developed on this basis, following the concept below:

This is how the code of Improvement can be turned into the universal program for the organism. The effect is a gentle but consistently intensive realignment in the entire organism:

The entire organism is
programmed to "Yes"
and to "Better".

This is the breakthrough.

What do we gain from this? Let us recall the fact that the organism ultimately causes and controls all of a person's actions and states. As a rule, our organism is equipped with a fundamentally ambivalent code ... there are positive but also negative codes. Persons whose organism features this ambivalence will in most cases live an entirely normal life with the usual ups and downs.

However, there are also persons whose organism is almost completely inclined towards "negative". Such persons' life normally "goes all wrong". An outside observer can easily see this: their life is an act of self-destruction.

Fulfilness aims at resolving both codes ... the negative code of the organism as well as the ambivalence program practically inherent in every person: