- NOESA.COM is the only enterprise that manufactures and markets noeteric

- Production of these Alchemetics is a very complex process based on biophotons
  (light as matter) and their programming for particular optimization functions in
  the organism.

- Alchemetics can be applied via the skin. Thus it becomes a component of skin
  care, body care and energy care products.

- But Alchemetics can also be applied by swallowing them. Then it becomes part
  of our nutrition (Nutricals).

- At present, NOESA.COM offers Alchemetics in the SkinCare product range,
  aiming at building up Aura and Charisma.

- NOESA.COM also offers Alchemetics in the body and energy care sector
  (PowerCare), aiming at building up Mental Fitness.

- The following overview shows which NOESA.COM products contain