Alchemetics is programmed
biophotons, integrated in
plant extracts.

"Biophotons are the photons of a radiation transmitted by living cells. It is highly organized light... biological laser light" (Marco Bischoff).

This highly organized light controls the interaction between received (cosmic) life energy and permanent renewal of all cells in the organism. Without the biophotons' function, an organism would not be capable of transforming its permanent renewal into Improvement.

Alchemetics is based on this light and uses it to form the coherence (= vibe similarity) in the organism, i.e. it controls the cooperative and complex behavior of many particles (molecules, macromolecules, etc.) maintaining life in their entity.

This coherence is vital for all aspects of self-healing and self-improvement, which is also substantiated by the fact that coherence "reaches much further than chemical powers" (Marco Bischoff). In short:

Alchemetics acts
on a higher level
than chemical substances.

Alchemetics fully reprograms the organism:

From suffering to self-optimization.